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16 April 2020
First Aid Tip: How to Treat a Burn Injury
First Aid Tip: How to Treat a Burn Injury
14 May 2020
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4 Tips to Servicing & Restocking your First Aid Kit

4 Tips to Servicing & Restocking your First Aid Kit
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4 Tips to Servicing & Restocking your First Aid Kit

Safe Work Australia establishes that all employees should be able to access a First Aid Kit in their workplace.

In the interest of helping you maintain a safe work environment, we’ve put together a First Aid Kits Checklist for Servicing and Restocking. 

This list will cover all the basics and walk you through the things you need to think of.

Firstly, assess the level of risk in your workplace and confirm the kits you have match the current needs; consider the following:

  • Low risk are workplaces (or areas) where there is a low probability of serious injury that would require first aid treatment. For example, an office.
  • Moderate risk workplaces are those where manual tasks are performed or there is some use of machinery. For example, a warehouse with pallet racking, a forklift, different levels etc.
  • High risk workplaces are those where hazards exist and injury must be prevented, such as the use of heavy machinery, extreme temperatures, use of chemicals, etc.

Also, each work vehicle is considered an extension of the workplace.

With this review, are the number and type of your first aid kits still suitable?

Secondly, check the outer First Aid Box, Bag or Cabinet to make sure it is clean, hygienic, and structurally sound.

Thirdly, check the contents. Your First Aid Kit/s should contain a list or manifest. Use this to make sure the products are present, intact and in date.

TIP: if you can’t find a list, visit and find a matching kit and use this list.

Fourth and final, your First Aid Kit has some important utensils such as Scissors, Forceps, Tweezers, etc. Make sure these usable, and if so, cleaned and disinfected.

And one more thing to check is that you have the correct number of trained First Aiders for the type and number of people you have at your workplace.

Stay safe and if you have any questions contact us on 1300 789 541.

And for your replenishment needs visit .

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