5 Signs you may be having a heart attack, and what to do if you are…

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Did you know 55,000 Aussies suffer a heart attack every year?  That’s one every 10 minutes, and 25 Aussies lose their life to heart attack every day.

To minimise damage to the heart muscle and survive a heart attack, you need recognise the early warning signs and act quickly to get help. 25% of heart attack sufferers have never experienced any symptoms before, and most are misinformed about what they are and it’s not likely to feel and look like it does in the movies…


The REAL signs of a Heart Attack =>


  1. PAIN / PRESSURE / HEAVINESS / TIGHTNESS – in the chest, neck, jaw, arms, back and/or shoulders (one of more of these areas)

What to do =>

  • Stop, sit and rest
  • Tell someone about your symptoms (Take Angina medication if and as prescribed)
  • If symptoms worsen or last longer than 10 minutes => CALL 000

The Australian Resuscitation Council now also recommends taking Aspirin for heart attack symptoms (while waiting for an ambulance), if the person is not allergic nor believes they are taking conflicting medication.
REMEMBER: If in doubt, call them out! If you suspect you could be having a heart attack and call an ambulance, a false alarm is the best outcome.


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