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5 December 2020
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First Aid Tips: How to Prepare for Bushfire Season

First Aid Tips: How to Prepare for Bushfire Season
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The 2019–20 bushfires in Australia destroyed 2,476 homes and killed 26 peoples. The fires highlighted the need to be prepare and to know what to do. So now is the time to get ready for the 2020–21 Bushfire Season.

Having an emergency plan will help you to reduce the negative impacts of bushfires and could even save your life.

Here are 3 main things to consider when creating your plan:

1. Know What to Do

Sit down and discuss with your family what you will do in the case a bushfire threatens your home. Having all your family members on the same page will help to enact the plan more smoothly and empower everyone to be prepared and respond faster.

Your first decision will be to leave or stay at your home.

Only choose to stay if:

  • The fire is not of an Extreme or Catastrophic state ( check Fire Danger Rating)

  • You have checked with your local authorities that is safe to do so

  • Your house is well prepared, can withstand the impact of the fire and has a cleared area around it
    For a complete list of how to prepare your home for bushfires download the check list done by the RFS

  • You have Firefighting equipment ready ( for a comprehensive list check

  • Family members are physically and mentally fit and ready

If you decided to leave, do it as earlier as possible.

Identify the location of the nearest Neighbourhood Safer Place, meeting point or evacuation centre. These are places of last resort during a bush fire emergency, such as sporting grounds or local buildings. Learn how to get there, including alternative routes, so you can have a plan B in case of road closures.

And remember to call 000 in case of an emergency and to notify them where you are.

2. Know What is Happening

Be informed about the latest news and developments in your area.

You can find fire level alerts on your local Fire Service Website, on the ‘Fires Near Me’ App ( we recommend to download it in all your families devices) and on the Bush Fire Information Line 1800 679 737 (NSW RFS)

Also, you can find information on your local radio, local ABC/emergency broadcaster frequency, TV and newspapers.

3. Know What to Take

Create a Survival Kit and keep it ready to go. And if you need to evacuate, these are the important things you should take:

For all your First Aid and Fire Safety related needs, do not hesitate to contact us 1300 789 541 or visit us at

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