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First Aid Kit Location, Care & Maintenance
7 August 2023
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19 October 2023
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Remote First Aid Kits: all that you need to know

Remote First Aid Kits: all that you need to know
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Being prepared for emergencies, especially in remote areas, is crucial for maintaining personal safety and that of our loved ones. Therefore, one essential tool that every Australian should have is a Remote First Aid Kit.

Remote First Aid Kits are kits specifically created to offer protection for individuals who are traveling or engaged in high-risk occupations and are situated more than an hour away from permanent healthcare facilities.

Key Medical Supplies that make a Remote First Aid Kit special:

  1. Emergency Thermal Blanket: For protection against exposure, extreme weather and shock.
  2. Snake Bite Bandages: Either specific snake bite bandages with compression indicators or heavy duty 10cm elastic crepe bandages with the dual purpose of strapping and compression for venomous bites.
  3. Large clean sheeting for covering burns
  4. Sting relief cream, gel or spray
  5. Torch: a very important device to assess accidents and provide treatment
  6. Whistle: for attracting attention during an emergency
  7. Consider higher quality products; such as a calico triangular bandage rather than disposable non-woven

Choosing the Right Remote First Aid Kit

When selecting a Remote First Aid Kit, consider the following factors:

Size and Portability icon

Size and Portability: Opt for a kit that is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry during your outdoor adventures.

Quality and Certification icon

Quality and Certification: Seek kits that comply with Australian safety standards.

Specific Needs icon

Specific Needs: Tailor your kit to your unique needs, such as including medications or additional items for specific medical conditions.

Expiry Dates icon

Expiry Dates: Regularly check and replace items with approaching expiry dates to ensure the kit’s effectiveness.

Training and Knowledge

Having a Remote First Aid Kit is vital, but knowing how to use it is equally important. Consider enrolling in a First Aid training course to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to respond effectively to emergencies. Many organizations offer specialized courses for remote and wilderness first aid.

Maintaining and Inspecting Your Kit

Regularly inspect your Remote First Aid Kit to ensure all items are in good condition and not expired. Additionally, check that the contents match your specific needs based on your activities and medical conditions.


A Remote First Aid Kit is an indispensable tool for Australians who enjoy outdoor adventures or work in remote areas. Be ready for emergencies and feel safe while working or exploring remote parts of Australia.

Remember, choosing the right kit, staying informed, and seeking proper training are essential steps toward safety.

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