Spring Clean
Spring Clean
30 August 2020
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30 September 2020
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Spring Clean your First Aid Kit

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Spring brings the return of warm days, outdoor activities, and renovation. It’s a good moment to Review, Replenish, Replace & Refresh your Safety Assets.

Among the most important things to review are your First Aid Kits. This is a priority since accessibility, cleanliness and clearness can make a difference in response time when an emergency happens.

To clean and organise First Aid Kits, start by assessing the current conditions of your existing kits following these five simple steps:

  1. Re-assess risks and what you need your kits for. Consider changing the size or type of the first aid kit if the activities and associated risks have changed

  2. Re-assess the number of people this kit should be serving and update if necessary

  3. Check the expiry dates of products or every module, if you have a Modular First Aid Kit, and replace any which have expired

  4. Check the medical instruments (scissors, tweezers, etc) making sure they function and are clean and sanitised

  5. Re-evaluate the location of your First Aid Kits. Is it in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children but also accessible and close to running water?

  6. Check the status of the outer container for your First Aid Kits. It is in good condition or does it need to be replaced? It is clean? Containers for First Aid Kits should be dust-proof and water-resistant to maintain in good condition their contents.

Then, proceed to the cleaning process:

  1. Take out all the components of the kit

  2. Check the all components match the required inventory list

  3. Clean and disinfect the outer container of the kit

  4. Clean ad disinfect the medical instruments

  5. Replace opened, used, expired or damaged products

  6. Replenish missing products

  7. Write down the cleaning date and schedule the next cleaning

    To help you with the Replenish of your First Aid Kit, here are some essential items to consider including in a basic First Aid Kit:

For more information about First Aid Kits for offices and workplaces click here.

To have professional servicing of your First aid Kits and equipment be sure to go here.

Finally, it is normally recommended to have First Aid Kits ready in several places, and serving different purposes, for example in your home, car, or on travel. At work, you will want to consider them in various areas, such as the office, lunchroom, warehouse etc.

And for all your other First Aid Kits needs be sure to visit us at https://firstaidkitsaustralia.com.au

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