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First Aid items you should take on a Camping Experience

First Aid Items on a Camping Experience
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Going on a camping trip Down Under? Here are Ten First Aid Items you should take!

Camping can be a great experience: getting into contact with nature, learning new things and creating an awesome experience to look back upon. However, if you’re unprepared, camping can be a dangerous endeavor, especially Down Under!

TIP: Read about the place you’ll be staying in and think about the activities you will be doing.

Ask yourself :

  • What are the local flora and fauna like
  • Dangers you may face
  • Distances you should travel in a worst-case scenario.

At First Aid Kits Australia we create a list with our top 10 First Aid Items that are good to take on a camping trip in Australia. So before camping, you need to have:

  1. Bandages to attend open wounds. These include bandaids, dressings, triangular bandages and gauzes
  2. Sunscreen: with a rating of at least SPF 30+, with SPF 50+ being ideal.
  3. A Snake Bite Kit, Insect repellent and an antihistamine cream; 
  4. Sterile pack for prevention of blood-borne infections if travelling somewhere where health care facilities may be poor;
  5. Antiseptic for sterilizing and cleaning wounds.
  6. Sprains pack and Instant Ice Packs
  7. Eyewash for any foreign objects to the eye.
  8. Scissors and Tape (microfiber)
  9. Thermometer. Digital thermometers are more accurate and often easier to read;
  10. Tweezers. Useful for removing splinters and other foreign objects from your skin;

As a bonus we recommend two things:

  1. Have a First Aid Manual in case someone doesn’t know what to do in an emergency
  2. Take a First Aid Course because a book can only do so much. You should know exactly what to do if someone needs CPR, has a fracture, gets a sprain, or has a contusion. You should book a first aid course for you.

To get everything on the list and more you can visit us at https://firstaidkitsaustralia.com.au/


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