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20 March 2020
First Aid Items on a Camping Experience
First Aid items you should take on a Camping Experience
24 March 2020
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Workplace Health & Safety considerations when Working from Home

Home Office First Aid Kit
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Now, numerous people are now working from home, and we are unsure for how long this might be.

Here are Four WH&S considerations for team members working from home:

  1. A First Aid Kit
    Having an appropriate first aid kit on hand is a requirement.The number of people needing to be covered will likely be low, so a small kit will normally be ok.

    If home is beyond one hour from medical facility then a more comprehensive kit is needed.

  2. A Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket 

    Many homes don’t have a fire extinguisher and workplaces are required to have one.

  3. Smoke Alarms 

    Make sure fire alarms are installed and checked that they are working properly.

  4. An Ergonomic Workstation 

    Many workplace injuries are due to poor seating and posture. Keep this in mind when working from home.


First Aid Kits Australia has created a specific low-cost Work From Home First Aid Kit.

See the complete Work from Home category HERE. It’s on sale now!

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