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Our Safety Contribution to Southside Eagles Football Club (Bulimba)

Southside Eagles Football Club (Bulimba)
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Living up to our commitment to “Make Australia a safer place to work live, and play”, First Aid Kits Australia donated two of our top of the range modular Sports First Aid Kits to the Southside Eagles Football Club.

These first aid kits provide cover for most sports – football, soccer, hockey, skating, cycling, cricket, athletics, swimming, boxing, basketball, and many more that have minimal contact.

The modular kits are super easy to use in an emergency. Inside the cabinet are clearly identified modules for specific injury types – Minor Wound, Eye Injury, Burn, Sprain etc

Now a little bit about Southside Eagles. Established from the amalgamation of the Germania and Southside Belmont football clubs in 1968, it began at Memorial Park, Bulimba. They started from very humble beginnings and were promoted in 2011 to the Premier Division 1. As of 2017, the club was invited to enter the FQPL league (The Queensland State Second Division).

The club is one of the largest in Brisbane, with numerous divisions for men, women and children from 3 to 40 years old. Everyone is welcome to play and train at the club.

During the soccer season, the park is packed with families going to playing and supporting the players. It truly is a wonderful part of the community.

At First Aid Kits Australia has a large range of sports first aid kits and supplies. To learn more, visit

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