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Modular First Aid Kits: Smarter, Easier, Cheaper to Manage

Modular First Aid Kits
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Modular First Aid Kits are innovative First Aid Kits designed to organise components in a format much better for use in an emergency and management. Each kit is constructed with standardised units ( modules) that contain all the necessary elements to treat various injuries.

Using this approach, usability in a first aid emergency is at the forefront of the design and it is much easier for businesses to maintain and replenish their first aid supplies.


The main benefits are:

  • Better Accessibility: Given that all your First Aid Supplies are in one place for a specific injury type, it is easier to know where to go when an emergency happens.

  • Smarter Design: The modular design divides every First Aid item into “little boxes”, aka modules, giving an instant and accurate picture of what is available, what has been opened and what needs to be replaced or refilled.

  • Easier Refill: Thanks to the excellent design qualities of our modular kits, refilling becomes much easier, since everything you have and lack is in sight. Simply replace with a new module or refill modules that have been opened. This saves time, money, and makes you ready, for every emergency situation that can appear.

  • Integration with our First Aid App which allows incident recording and easy refilling order


How does the modular system work?

This new generation of First Aid Kits have 2 main components:

  • Standardized Module Boxes
    Each injury-specific module makes it easier for staff to obtain first aid supplies quickly.  Each module is illustrated and colour-coded for fast identification. They are tamper sealed for security. They have clear and easy to follow first aid instructions, and a comprehensive maintenance checklist ensuring the kit can be easily serviced.

  • Multi-purpose Removable Treatment Module with medical instruments ( scissors, tweezers, etc) that are used in the majority of first aid interventions.

In emergency situations the modular system allows the first aider to react quickly and effectively in providing appropriate emergency treatment.

When an injury occurs and First Aid is needed, simply:

  1. Open the Modular First Aid Kit and removed the appropriated module

  2. Also, take the Treatment Module

  3. Treat the injury

  4. Dispose the open module

  5. Clean and disinfect any used medical instruments, return them to the Treatment Module and put it back into the kit

  6. Record the incident and place an order for a refill of the module


Restocking your Modular First Aid Kit:  

Restocking Modular First Aid Kits is efficient and simple.

To audit and replenish a traditional first aid kit for a medium sized kit this can take between 30-45 minutes

  • Empty the entire contents of the kit

  • Check all items and determine what is missing

  • Check all items are in date and not contaminated

  • Repack the first aid kit

  • Order individually the items required.

To audit and replenish a modular first aid kit for a medium will take less than 5 minutes

  • Inspect each module and determine if the module has been opened and if it inside the review date

  • If the module has not been opened and is still inside the review date you do not have to do anything

  • If the module is open you can order a replacement module if required, or restock what is needed and re-seal

  • Modules can be ordered easily via our app or webstore


Using a Modular First Aid Kit:

A traditional first aid kit is generally cluttered and it is not always easy for staff to be aware of what products are in the kit and also what products are best to use for different injuries.

The modular kit contain Injury-specific colour-coded modules to make it easier for staff to obtain the first aid supplies they need quickly.

Each module has a content list that is able to be read from the outside.


Our module range includes:  

  • Burn

  • Eye Injury

  • Food Industry

  • Minor Wound

  • Serious Wound

  • Sprain

  • General treatment module

Modular Kits are smartly designed solutions and can save precious time during an emergency.

You can get your Modular kits here in different sizes: there’s small, medium, and large available and it depends on the number of people the kit is for.

And for all your First Aid Kits need be sure to visit us at

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