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14 May 2020
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First Aid Tip What to do when someone Faints:

What to do when someone Faints
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Fainting is a brief episode of unconsciousness caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure. Temporary low blood pressure can be caused by various events:

  • Prolonged standing

  • Extreme heat, which pushes blood away from the main circulatory system and to the vessels of the skin

  • Emotional distress

  • Severe pain

  • Standing up suddenly (particularly for the pregnant or elderly)

  • Heart rhythm changes or underlying heart conditions

If this sudden drop in blood pressure occurs, the result can be fainting. It usually happens suddenly and people recover quickly, often within seconds, without lasting effects. It may be a temporary occurrence or the indicator of a larger problem if it is recurrent.

If someone around feels faint:

  • loosen any tight clothing

  • help them to stay hydrated

  • control breathing

  • Reduce Stress

What to do when someone Faints

  1.  Follow DRSABCD
    Danger, Response, Send For Help, Airways, Breathing, CPR, Defibrillator.

  2. Help the person lie down. A person who has fainted in a chair should be helped to the ground.

  3. Loosen any tight clothing that could be restricting breathing.

  4. If the person is unconscious, roll them on their side. Check they are breathing and that they have a pulse.

  5. Check for abnormal blood pressure.

  6. Open a window if possible

  7. When the person becomes conscious, lie them on their back and raise and support their legs.

  8. Assess the person for any potential injuries.

  9. Call triple zero (000) for an ambulance if the person has not regained consciousness within a few seconds or recovered in a few minutes.

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